The BARC Employees' Co-op. Credit Society Ltd., Mumbai


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June 20, 2017




  • To encourage co-operation amongst the members
  • To enable its members to obtain loans on reasonable terms
  • To enable members to save of their income in a safe and convenient way
  • To lend money from funds to be created by means specified hereinafter with interest to the members of the Society
  • To create a welfare fund for the staff as well as for the members of the Society
  • To Ran loans to purchase utility articles under Special Loan scheme of the Society
  • To do such other things incidental or conductive to the attainment of all or any of the above objects


Student Felicitation for the Year: 2016-2017

Sabhasad Bhavishya Nidhi

FD for 3 Years interest rate 8.50%

FD for 2 Years interest rate 8.75%

FD for 1 Year interst rate 9.00%

Revised rate w.e.f.05.12.2016

Criteria for loan

History of Special Loan <more..>
PARMANU Scheme <more..>
LAKHPATI Scheme <more..>
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